Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why must spiders be such stealth creatures?!

I think i've always been arachnophobic to be honest. I don't know what it is about them, but I lose all sense of normal function when there is one around me. It is said that the risk of encountering a spider and being harmed by it is small or even non-existent. YEA, alright I believe it. But some of the little monsters are pretty brave and can be more persistent than you could expect. Just yesterday, I came face-to-face with one of the biggest spiders i've ever seen. I was with a resident (at work) and luckily with her condition she would not react to anything she wasn't aware of. I on the other hand could not miss it following me around from the the ceiling. He was a big one. I'm not sure if I was somehow excreting enough sweat for it to smell my fear, but he was doing a pretty good job following me. I did not want to alarm who I was with, so I took the opportunity to pull out my terrible acting skills to keep her unaware of the situation. being the coward that I am, I waited until my co-worker came in for the afternoon shift to kill my black, shiny, 2-inch enemy and dispose of him.
One day I know I may have to handle these ridiculous situations on my own...but for now I think I'll stick to my usual spider-encounter game plan. Freeze, stare, slowly walk away, and scream for someone to kill it before it is no longer in plain sight.
If I am aware of its existence, there is no way I will relieve myself from ongoing paranoia!!! BLECH.....


Mare and I have been receiving some very good feedback from our viewers lately. We are very happy to share the topics we find interesting (or just hilarious) with you! :) We appreciate the support and input you have given us and will continue to make you all laugh. It is always a pleasure to show you the way we usually are together and the raw, casual way we enjoy express our thoughts. Input and suggestions related to upcoming topics are always welcome and we will try to do you all justice to satisfy what you would like us to discuss. Vlogging is something the both of us enjoy and hope that you have as much fun watching what we say and do as we do making the videos for you!

Take Care and God Bless!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To find yourself different from others is a plus in my book...

When you find yourself dedicated to something, that doesn't always fit into the "norm" of what others expect from you, it's ok to feel left out at first. But when its worth your while and makes you feel unique, then who should really have a right to care? There are many things I have (and will) encounter that, at times, will not be what others find normal. But they are definitely things that exhilarate me, so whether or not I can share those things with others or find my corner and experience them on my own, either way I find pride in them. I’ve never been the type to want to always fit in or be fully accepted. I’ve always strayed away from the group whenever I’ve felt it to be appropriate. It had always been a personal choice, but choices that were necessary to keep myself the way that I am…proud. At the end of the day, I usually only have myself...that’s all I really need to be able to sleep at night.
So for those of you that have never really found reason or meaning in trying to do things or to be like others, continue to be the way you are. Always take pride in what you are good at and what makes you feel like nothing else matters.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finding my way back to a lost love....

Its been a while, but I have finally found the tingle back in my fingertips. I regret neglecting the one thing that I find has been a great (yet sometimes hidden/secret) attribute in my life. To have access to something that creates that feeling of release, meaning and dedication should never be put away...for this, I must redeem myself of the dust that I have caused to build up on my beautiful ivory keys.

Now that I'm starting it all up again, why not start from the beginning? Childhood tunes. Currently, my recomposition projects consists of the Overworld/Main Theme from Zelda and a few familiar tunes from Super Mario World & Bros 3. The basics are almost down, but adding my own flare is what matters most. Lets hope I still have some left in me. The inspiration is coming from the "Ode to Nintendo" composition by Ryan Conferido (and his other original compositions) :)

As I've learned from many 'loves' in my past, I become easily distracted when something new comes my way. Not that it is something I am proud of, but now adays, I have learned to stick to what I know, to love what I already have, and only ressurect what brings out the best in me. It is ok to bring good 'things' back from my past, but only if I'm willing to focus or dedicate time to them accordingly and when necessary. So, to all good things that I have mistakenly left neglected...welcome back! cheers! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Glutton + me = problem free...until my tummy explodes like a piniata

Lately, a trio of gluttonous troops have travelled lengths simply to satisfy Sgt.Craving's orders. Today's mission, invade Yutopia!!! It's no Pinkberry or Yogurtland, but it was the best we could do and as close as we would get to a respectable self-serve frozen yogurt joint.It still hit the spot. But what a waste...the three of us all did some form of intense work-out just 24 hours ago. But oh well, whatever makes the Sergeant happy! :)

Eat on people, eat on!

Just another ordinary day at work...

Aside from standing by to answer any emergency calls from the Medical Alert station for an ambulance arrival, distributing medication and making meal plans for special dietary clients here...these are a few (of many things) i tend to fall upon in my office since i'm all on my lonesome to occupy downtime..or as i'd like to call my extra, Uber long 'BREAK'. haha!

who wouldn't enjoy listening to a compilation of a few childhood memorable 'tunes'

I listen to this Ryan Conferido original religiously, simply because I am determined to learn it. I find that my ability to decode compositions through playback is efficient as opposed to visual notes...i'm half way there..

And of course, why not catch up on missed episodes on a Fav TV Drama my case it would be Gossip Girl or Smallville...

Life is good when you're at work...working hard, yet hardly working! :)

I'm a newbie!

Maybe its time I actually start writing in this thing..hahah!